We get asked this a lot and didn't understand why until we ran a Google search on 'PayJunction' and found this: Is PayJunction Legit? The website, scam.com is basically a public forum where users post threads about every type of scam, conspiracy theory, etc. from your typical MLM scam to the now infamous Nigerian  email fraud.   The particular thread about PayJunction has to do with their reseller program, not their actual payment gateway or merchant services.   The initial inquiry was questioning an email from PayJunction via Hotjobs about a potential position as a reseller. Becasue PayJunction is a wholesale provider that has chosen to use use a national reseller network of independent salespeople and organizations to handle sales they don't hire internally.  I think this is where the confusion came from.

Anyone, with the use of Google, can quickly find out that PayJunction is a legitimate company in great standing with its merchants and resellers alike.  It is a Level 1 PCI compliant provider (highest level) and is listed on both Visa and Mastercard's sites.  We offer the Trinity System at the lowest prices available because we are confident that they have the best product to offer.  We have had a great relationship with the company for over 5 years now and  have always been impressed with their uncompromising commitment to quality customer care and support.  We give them our highest praise. websites.  Furthermore, it is also a registerd ISO/MSP of First National Bank Of Omaha and processes over 1 billion dollars annually in credit cards.

If you have any other questions about PayJunction being a scam or for more information on our company please call us at 877-658-0004 or contact us through our website.